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Company Caring

Introducing Company Caring: Elevate Your Impact Locally

Are you ready to make a bigger difference in your community while boosting employee engagement and satisfaction? Look no further than Volunteers of Todays' Company Caring subscription, your gateway to meaningful local volunteerism and corporate social responsibility right in your own backyard. Our nonprofit's mission is to engage locals and businesses alike with impactful volunteer opportunities.


Why Company Caring?

To date we've aligned over 5000 volunteers with meaningful volunteer opportunities. We are professionals in connecting volunteers with meaningful causes, offering a personal, localized volunteer service unlike any other.

Our strong partnerships with over 100 local nonprofits ensure that your efforts truly make a difference in your community. Our Company Caring Subscription offers a wide range of feel good, do good volunteer initiatives both off-site and on-site. Subscriptions come complete with volunteer concierge services for all employees, monthly volunteer impact kits that can be done in office- or remotely, and much more. We truly make doing good EASY for you and your team.

Subscription Highlights:

  1. Volunteer Concierge Service: Say goodbye to the hassle of organizing volunteer activities. Our dedicated concierge service handles all the details, from sign-ups to logistics, making it effortless for your employees to get involved.

  2. Tailored Volunteer Opportunities: We understand that every employee has unique interests. That's why we curate a diverse range of volunteer options across various causes, ensuring that everyone finds a cause close to their heart.

  3. Monthly Volunteer Impact Kits: Subscriptions come with monthly volunteer kits that provide everything you need to facilitate meaningful activities within the workplace, whether your team works in-office or remotely. From hygiene bag assembly for the homeless, cards of encouragement for foster kids and seniors, to donation drives, we've got you covered.

  4. Company Caring Impact Report: Each month, receive a comprehensive report showcasing everything your company has done to make a positive impact locally. 

Subscription Details:

Subscriptions to Company Caring are billed quarterly, providing you with consistent access to our suite of volunteer services, and monthly volunteer kits without any hassle. Subscription costs are based on team-size and employee location (in-office or remote). 

Ready to Learn More and Get Started?

Join us in creating a positive impact in your city and beyond. Sign up for your quarterly subscription today and unlock a world of volunteer opportunities that align with your corporate values. Our Company Caring subscription is powerful as a stand alone CSR initiative, and also serves as a great addition to activate local volunteerism within current CSR initiatives. 

Don't just do business—do good with Company Caring.

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We're proud to be partnered with over 100 local impactful nonprofits! Are you a nonprofit in The Palm Beaches, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or Philadelphia who wants to become our partner? Be sure to check out our Nonprofit Partnerships page!

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