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Volunteer with The Eagles' Wings' Foundation

We're honored to partner with the The Eagles Wings Foundation and help arrange volunteers to staff their warehouse. They are in immediate need of volunteers to help at their warehouse to unload and sort donations so that they can be sent to the Bahamas. Volunteers are needed throughout the week. If you're able to volunteer, please do so!! You can sign up on our website, or by emailing us at There are two shifts a day 9am-1pm & 1pm-5pm. The warehouse is located at 514 14th Street in West Palm Beach. Volunteers must be 18+ years old.

The Eagles Wings Foundation is running an extensive disaster relief mission that includes gathering supply, monetary donations, and running rescue/recovery flights powered by a fleet of civilian aircraft. They have 40 civilian airplanes, two Black Hawk-like helicopters and a ramp-equipped Mini C-130 cargo plane that can make fuel deliveries. They have already transported tons of donations to the Bahamas, and have teams on the ground distributing supplies. You can learn more about their cause here:


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